Seniors and Tech

The digital technology is moving ahead with rapid pace. In general, all of those internet gadgets and tech equipment are designed by human and for human. Unfortunately, not all age groups are able to adapt, especially elderly people. It can be considered that it depends on the interest of a person. But basically, the tech designers are mostly young or middle-aged people and it’s clear to see why technology has not been entirely reached by senior citizens.

Internet and technology are available in every corner and almost all of the things are possible through them. Senior people are not aware enough of these things. Maybe, they are afraid to ask about them or perhaps they think these are all bunch of crap. But, they need to be tutored about the usability of technology and smart devices in order to make them feel that these are safe to use.

Ageing reduces the power of human senses gradually. Meaning that hearing, vision and feeling will degrade. But tablets, iPads and smartphones with touch screens and larger screens are easier to use for elderly people which many researches and surveys have proven. These devices also contain features like: – adjusting font sizes, language preferences, lightweight, reminders, GPS location etc. which encourages seniors to use them.IN addition to that, memory improving games and health tracking apps can lead to positive change in senior’s life.

Social Media can be a really handy platform for elderly people. Applications like Facebook and Skype will be really helpful for social interactions. Facebook helps them to know about their family members’ whereabouts and conditions. They can share pictures, comments, exchange cost-free messages, create events and invite their relatives and families. On the other hand, free video calls, conference calls and chatting can be done on Skype. It can be entertaining for them to watch selected movies and read blogs and articles on the internet.

It’s never too late to learn and younger generation are responsible of teaching them. We (BelleGames) are focusing on designing an elderly website which contains games and other services.
UUSI_AUTTAA_VANHAA is the upcoming event for senior people and flyers are already printed. In addition to that, we would also like to see smiles on their faces and make their life easier to live.

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