BelleGames was established in 2011. Our home town is Oulu which is one of the beautiful cities in Finland. Pirjo Ritokangas-Huttunen is holding the position of owner and CEO. To shortly mention her education background, she has graduated from Oulu University with MSc in information processing sciences. Furthermore, she has achieved over ten years of experience in digital and game business.

As the word “game” has been attached in our name, it definitely tells about our identity. To be more specific, we are software company specialized in mobile game development. Our focus is on the social and cooperative aspect of games. We have not yet classified our end customers with any age limit and we prioritize for entertaining, non-violent and fun games. At the moment, our games have been published in Android and Windows platforms. Our passion is to develop games that are attractive to play and visually rich.

Our next plan is to held an event based on game and technology for elderly people. We have designed couple of games for elderly people and the games are still in testing session. Due to the fact that memory loss can be a serious problem of aging, our customers can refresh their memory with playing those games. Among all of our games, we have decided to include traditional solitaire game.

The core idea of the event is to invite senior people and let them be familiarize with our games. During the event we will be doing survey of some short questions in order to know them better and improve our games. Location of the event will be in Turusen Saha and visitors will be provided coffee and buns. In addition, there will be some speeches about latest technology.

Similarly, another game “Kuura in the Snowglobe” is under development. The target customer of this game are kids and teenagers. We are planning to conduct a marketing event in Oulu theatre festival. Our customers will know the story behind the game and learn how to play in that event.

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