Project that kept us busy

Our project “Kuura in the Snowglobe” has been an ongoing project. Remembering those past moments, it was not easy to formulate the title of this project. At first, the title was composed as “The winter wonderland” but unfortunately we found this identical name in google play. So later, we develop the name as “Kuura in the Snowglobe”. Since Finland is located near the arctic circle, cold temperature, snow and ice are part of our life. It wouldn’t be untrue if we tell, the core idea of the game evolved from our surroundings. Then time and again, we used to have had many brainstorming meetings and the idea was improving all the time. Finally, we decided to head ourselves with “Kuura in the Snowglobe” and the story began to form.

The game consists of mainly two fictional characters. “Kuura” -the white cat and “Bob”. Basically in nature, cat is a curious and trouble maker creature. Kuura will be teleported to snow globe and gets into the Bob’s world. On the other hand, Bob has yeti lookalike role who will be delivering children’s gift in order to fulfill their wishes. Furthermore, Cat gets into the present cloning machine and multiply itself and in that way, cats spread into all around snowglobe world. So, the responsibility of Bob is to find all the cats and send the cat back to its own world.

In the game, Kuura is adventure seeker in snowglobe world. The game contains several different kind of stages and each stage contains some amount of levels. For example, one stage is Ice Labyrinth and there will be one cat hidden in each level. The player has to find the cat before he/she can continue playing. Our game designers are considering about the shop where Bob can be customized with different clothes and accessories.

At the moment, our project is mainly designed for android and windows phones. Even though our target customers are kids from 6-12 age, we encourage players with any age to play our game. From the beginning, our artists have drawn many concept arts. We as a team have chosen the best of them and discussed about what to improve and create more characters further on. Our programmers have been coding to develop the game better.

We are using scrum method which emphasizes that planning-doing-testing iterations are following each other during development time. The game has been developed with different phase. At first phase, we brainstormed the idea and started to develop it. The second phase was mainly focused on the script and graphics designing. At third phase, we are designing the outlook and feel of the game. Hopefully, the game will be published soon. Our game will be free to play with in-app purchases and video advertisements. We have used English as the working and playing language for this project. The rate of this game is pegi 3 under pegi classification.

To conclude, it has been really a wonderful time with all of the people who are and were engaged with this project. We feel grateful and heartily thank all of them.

to be continued………………..

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